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The Lookout & Wonderland fiber art project is a concentrated focus on the exploration of the applied arts.  The mission is to create a range of multi-use textiles that allow the viewer to become an active participant in the form and function of the artwork. With the ultimate goal being the creation of a life that is the ideal work of art.


Introducing The Prism Blanket Series



The Prism blanket series is a limited edition production of US grown cotton textiles representing the use of Shibori as creative rebellion. In 1683 the ruling Japanese Shogunate, as an attempt to maintain conservative class distinction, outlawed the use of So Kanoko Shibori for use on any garments outside of those expressly made for the ruling military class. However, their efforts were to no avail and people from all classes throughout the countryside continued to decorate their clothing and family crest curtains with So Kanoko Shibori as an act of defiance. In the US, our first public displays of Kanoko Shibori, known here as tie-dye, appeared boldly on a scene intent on shaking up conservative thinking and class distinction once again. Through this project, I will attempt to bridge the spirit of creative rebellious expression between these two distinct movements. The choice of colors are reminiscent of the traditional indigo and persimmon dyes used in Japan during the former era and the use of Itajime Shibori will be used to create a prismatic effect of examining our reality through the kaleidoscopic ride that was the era of the 1960's in the United States.