Natural Dye Workshop Chinatown, LA

Natural Dye Workshop Chinatown, LA


Chinatown, LA

October 20


Building a Natural Dye practice

Within this workshop we will learn the ins and outs of working with traditional and foraged natural dyes to help you build a personal botanical dye practice. Covering all of the steps to create wash and light fast color, we’ll learn to use an organic indigo vat, discuss how to ethically forage local dye plants and process different kinds of plant matter into dye stuff, what mordanting is , why it’s necessary and how to use tannin assists when prepping fabric to accept dye. We will be working with primary colors and practice color creation through over dyeing. We’ll also cover the basic principles of medicinal dyeing and insight into the different medicinal plants I’ve spent the past twenty two years studying for topical effects in this manner. Swatches of materials and one bandana will be provided and participants are encouraged to bring a small thing or two from home to practice with in the dye pots.

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