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The Lookout & Wonderland fiber art project is a concentrated focus on the exploration of the applied arts.  The mission is to create a range of multi-use textiles that allow the viewer to become an active participant in the form and function of the artwork. With the ultimate goal being the creation of a life that is the ideal work of art.


Lookout & Wonderland: An Art Exhibition. Absolute Magnitude Knowing, Ignorance and Being



ABSOLUTE MAGNATUDE: Knowing, Ignorance And Being is a collaborative, narrative based work of naturally dyed and appliquéd flags that examines the nature of consciousness and personal reality.

Throughout history man has used cloth to fabricate banners with distinctive designs and coded sets of colors to be used as symbols, signaling devices and as decoration. Over time these devices have evolved into a general tool for rudimentary signaling, identification and as a form of nonverbal communication.

Applying the basis of this form, it is Tsukamoto and Livingston’s intention to examine the nature of personal reality, knowledge and the limitation of knowing on perceived matter. Using botanical dyes to create their uniform colors, they have cut and assembled a representational narrative out of cotton and hemp to study the conundrum of universal non-duality, the origin of consciousness and the modern mind.

Lookout & Wonderland is a creative studio based in Los Angeles, California founded by Niki Livingston and Yusuke Tsukamoto with a focus on design, textile and the art of creation. Lookout & Wonderland is deeply informed by the essence of the Vienna Secession, Wiener Werkstätte, the persistent aspiration to achieve Gesamtkunstwerk and to create beautiful work that will assist in building a life that is the ultimate work of art.

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